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It is of primary importance to me to help create a sense of safety in the therapy relationship.  I want to understand your experience from your perspective, so that we can work collaboratively to:

  • Enhance your sense of choice about how you want to live your life
  • Increase your capacity for self-awareness
  • Widen your access to compassion and empathy for yourself and others

When we are hurt, frightened or disillusioned we put up internal walls of protection.  We want to keep ourselves safe from further injury. 

If our inner resources are overwhelmed, our self-protective walls become rigid and habitual.  We find ourselves imprisoned in a fortress of our own making—disconnected from others and from ourselves.  We feel isolated and alone.

When we feel cut off from adequate resources to take good care of ourselves and those we love, we suffer. 

I am interested in helping you break through feelings of isolation.

My experience as a psychotherapist has reinforced my underlying trust in three fundamental principles:

  • At the deepest level we all carry an innate impulse toward wholeness
  • The healing process takes place wherever it has a chance
  • When we are not cut off from our essential nature, our primary instincts guide us to create mutually rewarding compassionate relationships

Instead of a therapy which supports the myth of attainable self-sufficiency and individual perfectibility, we recognize the necessity of mutuality in the face of inevitable uncertainty and suffering.  We are not “bad,” and therefore guilty if we cannot control and shape our lives in some ultimate way; we are simply subject to the inevitable human limitations which create the humility upon which our interdependence and humanity is predicated.
—Judith Jordan


You are welcome to call me at 831-425-4432 if you would like further information.

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